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Ali's Surf Camp Restaurant


Ali's Surf Camp Restaurant

Here at Cabarete Surf Camp we have our very own restaurant.  Located directly on the edge of El Choco National Park's lagoon, our “Ali's Surf Camp Restaurant” is known for its exotic Caribbean ambiance and delicious international food.  Our friendly staff welcome guests with a smile, enthusiasm, and open arms.  This friendly Dominican spirit permeates throughout the restaurant, making everyone feel immediately at home. 

Whether you're a surf camp guest, tourist staying in town or a local who is looking for a unique dining experience, you'll be happy you came.  Our wide variety of dishes can satisfy everyone.


Alis' Surf Camp Restaurant   Ali's Restaurant in Cabarete   Breakfast in Cabarete


In the morning and afternoon, the restaurant is a peaceful place to enjoy a meal.  At night, during dinner time, the action picks up and the restaurant really comes alive!  After long days of surfing, kiting and exploring the island, our guests enjoy sitting together over a delicious meal.  In the evening our restaurant is also a popular meeting point for many locals and tourists who are not staying at the camp, but who appreciate our great food and cocktails which are famous throughout Cabarete and the Caribbean.  


Ali's Surf Camp  Restaurant   Dinner  in Cabarete at Ali's Restaurant   BBQ at  the Ali's Surf Camp Restaurant


Our candle-lit tables and views of the lagoon set the scene for a beautiful start to any evening. 

Dine on the dock to be soothed by the sounds of the lagoon's water, crickets, fish and birds, or sit under our cana roofed pavilion at a long family-style table to share a night of Presidente beers, Cuba Libres and tropical cocktails with fellow travelers.


Restaurant in Cabarete Surf Camp

The restaurant is open from 7:30am to 10:30pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.  We serve delicious BBQ and curry dishes, fish, seafood, pasta, Dominican food and other international plates. Try our speciality, "Churrasco", a scrumptious dish that is talked about all over the island!  If you're vegetarian you can enjoy vegetable, rice, potato, fruit and salad plates. 

All plates range US$ 5  - $US 15.

Meal Plan for surf camp guest 

The majority of the surf camp guests have breakfast and dinner included in their accommodation package.  However, if these meals are not included in your package, (some of the studios and apartments do not include meals), you can always add them for only $ per person, per day, or you can eat á la carte.


If you have a meal plan with the restaurant, your meals will be served as follows.

Breakfast is available from 7:30 AM – 11:00 AM.

Continental Breakfast:


Meal Plan Dinner is available from 7:30PM – 9:30PM

Dinner includes:

Lunch is not included in any of the packages, but is available every day from 12:00PM – 3:00PM.  You may choose anything from our menu and all charges will be put on your own bill.

Restaurant in Cabarete Even if you are not staying with us, come and experience what everyone is talking about.  Come in the morning if you'd like to feed the lagoon's ducks or enjoy a quiet moment observing the birds, turtles and fish.  The view of the water and its flowers are not to be missed.  Come in the evening if you're looking for more action!  The staff, food, conversation and one-of-a-kind exotic ambiance will leave you wanting to come back for more.



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Camp that get together everyday during breakfast and dinner.

In the

you can press a fresh orange juice, have a coffee, fresh bread with butter and

marmalade, all variation of eggs, delicious pancake with a fruits and chocolate!

For dinner we offer international food, BBQ combos, fish and don’t forget to

taste our Speciality "Churrasco"!!!