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Lecciones & Cursos de Surf

We teach surfing to all ages and levels, from complete beginners to advanced.

Surfing lessons are available as single lessons or as packs of up to seven days.

Surf lesson in Cabarete with Surf Camp Surfing lessons in Cabarete surfing in cabarete

We are very flexible and can create a customized surf package that will perfectly fit your holiday schedule in Cabarete.  Contact us for a friendly, no-obligation consultation and we can talk about your individual needs.

Beginners will be catching waves and standing during their first surf lesson.  More advanced students will learn valuable techniques to improve their performance.  Get ready to have loads of fun in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Surfing Lessons

We offer surfing lessons to males and females of all ages.  Kids are welcome, too!  You’re never too young to start or too old to learn! All our surfing lessons include the following:

Yoga and Warming up  at the surf school in Cabarete
Surf courses at Cabarete Surf School
Surfing at Encuentro beach  in Cabarete
  • Transportation from Cabarete Surf Camp to Encuentro Surf Beach and back
  • Surfboard
  • Rash guards/lycra
  • Surf shoes
  • 30 minutes theory, warm up and yoga
  • 1.5 hours of instruction in the water

In the afternoons, upon request and if the weather permits, students have the opportunity to surf on their own while still being in a safe and supervised environment.  If you know you'd like to surf in the afternoon, please notify us in the morning.


Beginner Lessons

This description is based on our 3 day beginner surf course. We also run 5 day and 7 day surf courses that teach additional surfing skills (and the chance to catch more waves).



Day 1

Land and ocean knowledge

Learn about body position for surfing, paddling and taking off by using a board simulator on land.

Learn to ride the white water! With your instructor you'll enter the ocean on a large beginner board and will practice positioning, paddling, taking off and catching waves.

Learn surfing in the Caribbean

Day 2

Learn how to evaluate wave conditions

Discovering vital information about wave size, direction and second periods.

More practice on the board simulator and learning to take off and turn in the frontside.

Back into the water to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Surf, surf, surf!

Learn surfing in Cabarete

Day 3

Further ocean knowledge

Swap your beginner board for a 7.2 Malibu board.

Learn to sit on the line up and select waves.

Learn the rules of surf riding.

Learning surfing in Cabarete


Advanced Lessons

For those who already have a little (or a lot) of surfing experience, we provide lessons tailor-made for your skill level.  One of our professional instructors will evaluate your abilities and together you’ll work on improving your level of surfing.  We can help you fine tune your skills and teach you some tricks, like improving your duck dive or floater, learning how to get some air, or learning some other exciting and radical maneuvers.

Advanced Surf lessons in Cabarete Surfing and good waves in Cabarete for advanced surfers Waves at Encuentro beach for advanced surfing


Additional Services - Photography and Video Coaching

Want to be able to brag about your surfing skills when you get back home?  Ask to have our photographer do a photo shoot of you catching the waves.  

You will get a surf photo session  at the end of your stay for $


Surf lesson rates

Surf lessons for incl. daily transfer, surf board, leash, lycra, wax

1 surf lesson                                           
3 day surf course  !!! MOST POPULAR !!!   $
5 day surf course $  
1 week surfcourse $  
1 week intensive surfcourse 1 to1                 $  

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